Are restless legs patients are having ED?

In a recent research, it is found that patients with restless legs are linked with erectile dysfunction. Though this is found out the scientist is unaware of why people are linked with this. No exact reason is found out and when the researchers would be able to identify it then there are chances to provide effective treatment.


Restless leg individuals

This is a condition in which a person would feel an irresistible urge to move their legs. This can happen especially during the evenings. There are so many issues triggered when a person suffers from this condition.

First of all, they cannot sleep properly as they would keep on shaking their legs. This disturbs their sleep to a greater extent.

There are chances for an individual to experience the restless leg at least 15 times in a month. There is no proper cure for this medical condition however there are certain medications that can be taken in order to handle or control it to a certain extent.


Erectile dysfunction

This is a condition in which a person would not be able to achieve or maintain an erection. Either their penis would not become completely firm or it might lose its firmness within few minutes.


Those with ED would find it difficult to engage in sexual intercourse. There are two types of impotence and they are known as permanent or temporary ones. If you suffer from temporary one there is no need to be worried as it would be possible for a person to achieve the erection the next time. However, this is not the case for those who are suffering from permanent impotency.


Medical trials are needed

There is a need for more clinical trials in order to understand why restless leg patients are suffering from impotence. There are many questions to be answered like is the impotency is directly linked to restless leg syndrome or not.

The medications that these patients are consuming might also trigger ED. We have seen in the past on how the drugs that people consume would affect their sexual health. Once the consumption of the medications is stopped there are chances for a person to get back their ability to get an erection.

So only when the answer to these questions is found out it is possible for a researcher to identify an effective treatment.


Restless leg syndrome is very much difficult to be handled. It can strain the person emotionally and physically. This is the same with ED. The condition causes embarrassment in an individual to engage in sexual activity.

When they are affected with impotency and restless fewer syndromes we do not have to mention about the negative effects that an individual would face.


You can try taking ED pills for the treatment. It is very safe and easy to be taken. In fact, most of the healthcare professionals would only instruct the medication to people rather than any other techniques. Get your body checked with the doctor and take the necessary pills. There are numerous ED pills available for erectile dysfunction. Few of them are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. In case if your doctor prescribes Levitra medication, you can get it through , a trusted online pharmacy and you will be benefited a lot while buying the medicine from this online pharmacy.